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Is your level of fitness less than optimal?

Is your personal training costing you too much?

Would you like a tighter, firmer mid-section?

Do you want to try Yoga and or Pilates in your own home?

Do you want your own personal boot camp at a lower cost?

Do you need to lose 5-50 pounds or unnecessary "baby fat?"

Would you like practical, simple exercise programming that doesn't require a gym membership?

Want to learn simple ways to reduce stress, relax and lose inches?

Do you need a little extra encouragement?

Are you bored with your routine?

Has your doctor told you it is time to exercise and you just don't know where to begin?

Do you want better weight management skills?

Would you like simple, clear instruction for your exercise program?

Are you bored with exercise?

Do you want to try Zumba, but feel self-conscious?

Are your muscles tight?  Do you want to stretch more?

Do you want to feel stronger?  Look more toned?

Do you live in Burbank or Glendale CA?

Tiffany Shelby :Personal Trainer

tapemeasureMy name is Tiffany Shelby, I live in the Burbank Glendale area in California.I have many years of experience and education in the personal health and fitness industry. I will be your guide from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary! Keep reading and contact Me as soon as possible. Don't let the couch or the fridge stand in your way to excellence. Contact Tiffany Now!

Goal: Energy, Health,Vitality and of course Looking GREAT!!!

I will help you realise your health goals to become the very best YOU possible. More energy, more Health, More Vitality and last but not least looking and feeling Fabulous!!!

Get Fit Now!!

I am based in the Burbank Glendale area but I am willing to travel in the greater Los Angeles area to accomodate your needs. I train individuals, couples and groups on a weekly or monthly basis with flexible hours to suit;

First Session Free

As an introduction to personal training I offer a free consultation and an exercise session; you may wish to use this opportunity to get a free health check, body fat testing, blood pressure etc. The time can be spent discussing personal training, exercise and nutrition which will help you identify and achieve fitness goals; we follow this with your free PT session.

Are you doing the correct exercises or eating the right foods at the right time of day? Do you find certain areas of your body easier to obtain results on than others? Could you benefit from a four week exercise plan with regular updates to monitor your progress?

Whether you are a member of a Gym or not, take advantage of this opportunity for a free consultation and find out exactly what steps you need to take to achieve your fitness goals.

I work with clients of all ages and fitness levels and there are exercise sessions to suit all; you can exercise to de-stress, lose weight, tone up, increase fitness and energy levels and much more. Sessions can include aerobics, power walks, jogging, cycling, Pilates, I also coach Swiss ball stability, train correct usage of dumbbells, as well as kick boxing with pads and abdominal training to target problem areas which are tough to tighten up.

All training is delivered within your capabilities; your initial free consultation will give me the chance to develop a workout regime and nutrition advice tailored to you according to your goals, body type, age, motivation and fitness level.